These are circular threaded coupling connectors designed to JSS 50812 (equivalent to MIL C 5015). The housing is aluminium alloy having Olive green, corrosion resistant, cadmium plating for extreme operating conditions. The insulator is made of a specially developed polychloroprene (Neoprene). This gives a high degree of insulation resistance and dielectric strength, along with resilience to withstand shock, impact, and vibration.

Pins are copper base alloy – silver plated, available in a range of current ratings from 10 amps to 150 amps. These offer excellent conductivity under severe service conditions with minimum loss or discontinuity of current even in dynamic applications.

A large array of over 100 insert arrangements in 13 shell sizes for power, signal, and combinations of power and signal pin configurations are available for a variety of applications.

These connectors are Qualification Approved by LCSO (Electronic Components Standardisation Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India).

New features include provision of grounding pins, EMI – RFI shielding, Adapters that can accept International PG cable glands (PG and metric), Electroless nickel finish, Eco-friendly Zinc finish special backend fittings for Heat shrink termination, crimp contacts and termination (in select sizes).
Special variants to MS connectors are available or can be developed to suit specific requirements.

Series-750 MS Circular Coupling Connectors

MS 3100E / MS 3100F
Wall mounting receptacle with Integral cable clamp.

MS3100F or MS3100E wall mounting receptacles are used to carry wires through walls or bulkheads or to provide a means of disconnection at a bulkhead.
MS 3100F or MS 3100E receptacles mate with 3106 and 3108 styles.
For new equipment customers should specify MS 3100F.

MS 3101E / MS 3101F
Cable mounting receptacle

MS 3101E or MS 3101F cable connectors are used for cable extension requirements, where mounting provisions are unnecessory. MS 3101E or MS 3101F connectors mate with 3106 and 3108 styles.
For new equipments customers should specify MS 3101F.

MS 3102R / MS 3102E
Box mounting receptacle

MS 3102R and MS 3102E box mounting receptacles are used in junction boxes or as an integral part of equipment. These connectors are identical in construction and will mate with 3106 and 3108 styles.
For new equipment customer should specify MS 3102R.

MS 3106F / MS 3106E
Straight Cable connector with Integral cable clamp

MS 3106F and MS 3106E straight cable connectors mate with 3100, 3101 and 3102 styles. MS 3106F is identical to MS 3106E except for ‘O’ ring under the coupling nut, thus effecting a seal.
For new equipment customer should specify MS 3106F.

MS 3108E / MS 3108F
Cable connector 90 degree angular

MS 3108E 90 degree cable connectors (without ‘O’ ring seal with cable clamp) are used where there is limited space and wires/cables must be brought at abrupt angle.
This connector will mate with 3100, 3101 and 3102 styles. MS 3108F is identical to MS 3108E except for ‘O’ ring under the coupling nut.

Thru – Bulkhead Receptacle (TBF)
TBF- Thru-Bulkhead fittings have resilient insulators. It has Special double-face male and female contact construction.
The TBF mate with MS 3106 and MS 3108 styles.

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