SCREW / SPRING TYPE Din Rail Mounted Connector

Screw Connection

The screw connection system is known and accepted worldwide as the most frequently used type of wire termination. Due to highest contact forces, top reliability is attained regardless of the conductor cross section from 0.14 to 240Sqmm.

The universal terminal block series has the following features:

  1. Screw / Spring connector mount on C & G channel.
  2. Screw cage components made of high quality copper alloys.
  3. Elimination of screw block out using the Reakdyn Principle.
  4. Self captive screws-therefore no spare screws required.
  5. No protective cover is required for Phoenix make T.B’s are completely Touch Proof.

Types of Screw connector:

  • Universal Terminals Block – Range: 2.5 upto 16
  • Universal Ground Terminal – Range: 2.5 upto 95 (Earthing Terminal)
  • High Current Terminal Block / Ground Terminal Block Range : 35 Sqmm upto 240 Sqmm

    Spring Connection

  • Bolt Connecting Terminal Block (STUD TYPE)
  • High Current Bolt Terminal Blocks
  • Three / Four conductor / Universal Return Terminal Blocks
  • Test Disconnect Terminal Blocks
  • Fuse Terminal Blocks With LED & without LED etc. 24V & 230V
  • Double level / Three level Terminal Blocks
  • Mini & Micro Screw Terminal Blocks
  • L / N / PE Connection Terminal Blocks (BUSBAR TYPE)
  • Panel Feed Through Terminal Blocks
  • Power Distribution Terminal Blocks. Range : 8in 8out, 1in 8out
  • CT Terminal Blocks
  • Sensor Actuator Terminal Block
  • Diode Terminal Blocks.

Universal Terminal Block

High Current Terminal Block

High Current Terminal Block

Earthing Terminal Block

Bolt (STUD) Terminal Block

Bolt (STUD) Terminal Block

Bolt (STUD) Terminal Block

Bolt (STUD) Terminal Block

Bolt (STUD) Terminal Block

Mini & Micro Terminal

BUSBAR Connector

Panel Feed
Through Terminal

Power Distribution Terminal

CT Terminal Block

Double/Three Level Terminal

Diode Terminal Block

Screw Connectors

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