• Relays are being used as the interface between the two circuits at same or different potential to archive:
    • Electrical Isolation between the controller and the load side.
    • For Signal Multification
    • For Signal amplification
    • And to interface different potential
  • Relays From 1Channel /2/4/8/16 nos. on one board
  • Relays with 1/2/4 Changeover
  • With/ Without fuse protection with / without fuse blown indication
  • Relays with Socket or Directly soldered on PCB
  • Available Coil Voltage is 24V, 230VAC/110VAC


Specialists are trying to compact the electronic assemblies and in this process, usage of High Density Connectors (FRC, D-Sub etc.) in place of traditional screw terminals is also increasing due to the fact that screw terminals occupies relatively more space. For example many PLC manufacturers are now offering 64 Channel input/output modules in very compact sizes with external termination provided on FRC or fujitsu make FCN connectors.

A range of modules is available with various high density connectors like

  • Flat-Ribbon Cable (FRC) Connector (2.54mm pitch and pins in dual row)
  • D-Sub type miniature socket strip (Male/Female)
  • ELCO/EDAC Connectors
  • RJ 45 Connectors

Varioface passive modules are universal, device neutral and Din rail mountable. Hence it can be easily mounted in control cabinets.


Varioface active & passive modules help in making control cabinet wiring simple and modular. The Varioface accessory modules are designed to fit in the same philosophy. Here wiring of accessories like Panel light/Fan loads, distribution of AC and DC load and Diodes, Fuses interface etc. has been taken care of all modules are din rail mountable.


Varioface PC- Utility module is used as a junction box for panel lighting and fan load in control panels. It also has on board 5Amp Utility Socket with Switch, which can be used for tapping 230V AC by simply plugging any 5Amp power plug.By default some points are for 230V AC and others are for 110V AC but with the help of external wire jumpers, complete module can be used at single Potential.

Power Distribution Module- With Redundant Power Supply Terminals

Varioface Power Distribution Module distributes incoming potential into multiple channels. Each channel is provided with fuse and fuse blown indication. Module support redundant power supply connections at input side.

Different versions are available for 24V DC/110V AC/230V AC incoming potentials.

Varioface CNC interface Modules are specially designed for interfacing CNC Machines controllers having 24 inputs and 16 outputs with system peripherals.
This Module can be looked upon as a combination of one Passive Module (for CNC inputs) and one 16 Channel Relay Module (for CNC Outputs).
Different versions are available for directly soldered relays and Socket mounted relays, Versions with fuses in relay contacts are also available.
The modules are suitable for CNC machine from Siemens and Fanuc make.

  • With 24 Inputs & 16 Outputs
  • With 24 Inputs & 16 Outputs with Fuses

Download Catalog:  Relay Modules